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Martin Chasin Fine Arts, founded in 1973, is an art and antiques gallery that specializes in the sale of British sporting paintings and prints from the eighteenth century up to ca. 1831, the death of King George IV. Our focus is largely, although not exclusively on Great Britain, and we offer items for sale in these areas.

We have an extensive inventory of British (English, Irish, Scottish) sterling silver flatware and hollowware for sale. The pieces that comprise this inventory are listed and illustrated in the relevant sections of this website. A full description of each piece is provided, as well as date and place of manufacture, and the name of the silversmith.

The third area that comprises an extensive inventory is Irish cut crystal, fabricated in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. We have in stock various pieces of crystal as, for example, wine glasses and rummers, jugs, decanters and serving dishes for sale. All items are fully described and illustrated in the Irish crystal section of this website. Eighteenth century Irish cut glass comprises some of the finest pieces in this medium produced in Europe at this time.


The Biedermeier period in european art witnessed the production of innovative and strikingly beautiful works of art in the area of furnishings and the decorative arts. Concentrating on the production of silver pieces, we shall be expanding the inventory we offer for sale to include representative pieces from the German states, Austria, Sweden and Denmark - the main areas of production.

Tiffany and Company in New York City produced a wide range of high quality and beautiful flatware patterns, many of which were directly influenced by earlier British patterns. Much of the best production occured from the end of The Civil War and into the nineteen fifties. Our stock includes a large number of place and serving pieces in sterling silver in a wide range of Tiffany patterns.


Martin Chasin Fine Arts offers services for the appraisal of fine art, paintings, prints, furniture and the decorative arts. Martin is a member of The New England Appraisers' Association and a fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, London.

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